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Just a sweet Southern girl from Charleston who loves weddings and everything that has to do with them. Being Southern isn't just where you're from or where you were born. It's a way of life, it's an attitude, it's a style, it's being gracious and loving where you are in life. Sorry if my definition of Southern doesn't please you. But I am an Alpha Delta Pi from the University of South Carolina and life is just lovely.

Y’all, I forgot to post on this earlier but.. I’m ENGAGED!!!

So blessed to be engaged to my best friend, the sweetest most loyal person I’ve ever met. So in love.


Pretty fall wedding hair idea!


Pretty fall wedding hair idea!

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Emily and Phil

Wedding Gifts!

So I have been invited to several weddings and have been at a lost for what to provide as wedding gifts. But what does every Southern Belle like more than monograms….? Nothing. So why not provide the lovely couple with monogrammed coasters with both of their initials?! The Bride will LOVE showing off her new monogram and they make a not so expensive adorable gift!


Would y’all rather..?

Your groom wear a black or white bow tie?!

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